March for Peace, Justice, and Democracy - NYC Mass Mobilization

Starting Date: 04-29-2006

New York, New York 10001
United States
Dear Friends,

We are pleased to announce the kick-off for the organizing of what promises to be a major national mobilization on Saturday, April 29th. Today, each of the initiating groups (see list below) is announcing this mobilization. Our organizations have agreed to work together on this project for several reasons:
The April 29th mobilization will highlight our call for an immediate end to the war on Iraq. We are also raising several other critical issues that are directly connected to one another.
It is time for our constituencies to work more closely: connecting the issues we work on by bringing diverse communities into a common project.
It is important for our movements to help set the agenda for the Congressional elections later in the year. Our unified action in the streets is a vital part of that process.

Please share the April 29th call widely, and please use the links at the end of the call to endorse this timely mobilization and to sign up for email updates.

April 29th Initiating Organizations
United for Peace and Justice
Rainbow/PUSH Coalition
National Organization for Women
Friends of the Earth
U.S. Labor Against the War
Climate Crisis Coalition
Peoples' Hurricane Relief Fund
National Youth and Student Peace Coalition

A war based on lies

Spying, corruption and attacks on civil liberties
Katrina survivors abandoned by government


End the war in Iraq -
Bring all our troops home now!


Unite for change - let's turn our country around!

The times are urgent and we must act.

Too much is too wrong in this country. We have a foreign policy that is foreign to our core values, and domestic policies wreaking havoc at home. It's time for a change.

No more never-ending oil wars!
Protect our civil liberties & immigrant rights. End illegal spying, government corruption and the subversion of our democracy.
Rebuild our communities, starting with the Gulf Coast. Stop corporate subsidies and tax cuts for the wealthy while ignoring our basic needs.
Act quickly to address the climate crisis and the accelerating destruction of our environment.
Our message to the White House and to Congress is clear: either stand with us or stand aside!

We are coming together to march, to vote, to speak out and to turn our country around!

Join us in New York City on Saturday, April 29th
Geographical Scope: National

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