Counter-Recruitment Conference

Starting Date: 04-07-2006
Starting Time: 7:00pm
Ending Date: 04-09-2006

Carnegie Mellon University
Porter Hall 100
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213
United States
Counter-Recruitment Conference
Friday, April 7th 2006
Pittsburgh, PA USA

Pittsburgh Organizing Group (POG) is pleased to announce a regional Counter-Recruitment Conference to be held April 7-9, 2006 at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. The purpose of the conference is to explain, share, build, expand, and otherwise support the growing counter-recruitment (CR) movement. From Friday night to Sunday afternoon, we will host a variety of hands-on workshops and presentations, facilitated strategy sessions, an exchange of materials, a participatory action or two, as well as nightly entertainment.

The conference is scheduled to run from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon, and will offer a wide variety of events:

* Workshops. Workshops are planned for long time activists and newcomers to CR issues, campaigns, and concepts. They will cover basic military recruiting and counter-recruitment, expanding and escalating your CR campaign, non-violent direct action, conscientious objection, the criminalization of dissent, media coordination, legal and know-your-rights training, action materials, skillshares and other creative workshops that activists may propose. (If you would like lead a workshop, visit our website to submit a proposal.)

* Discussion. In addition to facillitated strategy sesssions, the conference will have a space for CR activists to meet and greet and talk about their efforts with one another.

* Materials exchange. Throughout the conference there will be a large area for the exchange of anti-war/counter recruitment materials, including flyers, stickers, videos and more. See the materials that groups are using and be inspired to make your own.

* Participatory action. We will put our theories to the test during the conference weekend!

* Social events. There will be a low key party for activists and newcomers to get to know each other on Friday evening as well as a blow out bash on Saturday night.

To attend the conference please register and pay a small sliding-scale registration fee of $10-5.

Register online at
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