FCPJ State Convocation 2006 - Weaving a Culture of Peace in Florida

Starting Date: 06-02-2006
Ending Date: 06-04-2006

Paramount Plaza Hotel & Conference Center
Gainesville, Florida 32608
United States
Convocation to Highlight
Culture of Peace “Best Practices”

The State Convocation program will feature a series of “Best Practice” panel discussion workshops involving a number of presenters representing various organizations and projects. These panels will be organized over several concurrent breakout sessions on Saturday morning and afternoon, and will showcase successful models for advancing “peace culture” values and practices within diverse organizational settings across various social institutions. The intent is to demonstrate concrete examples of how a culture of peace can break into the fabric of the dominant culture.

The following “best practice” presentations are planned:

Community-based Models for Improving Race Relations;

Using Music and the Arts to give expression to a Culture of Peace;

Peace Education Initiatives in our Schools;

Nonviolence & Conflict Transformation: Models in Adult Education;

The Media’s Role in Advancing a Culture of Peace;

Healthcare Models in a Culture of Peace;

Models for Eco-Justice, Sustainable Development, and “Green” Technology;

Fair Trade, Labor, and Just Business Practices;

Spirituality and Religious Practice: Models from the Faith Community

Coffee Shops, Taverns, and Bookstores: Venues for the Conversation;

Models for Impacting College Campuses and Engaging College Students;

Using the Internet to Organize, Communicate and Spread a Culture of Peace;

Community Organizing that Empowers and Works;

Mapping Florida’s Culture of Peace: Findings from the FCPJ Community Dialogue Process;

Lobbying for Peace: Taking the Culture of Peace to Capitol Hill;
Geographical Scope: State


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