April 29 NYC - Youth and Student Contingent

Starting Date: 04-29-2006
Starting Time: 10:30am

22nd And Broadway
New York, New York
United States
Youth Stand Up for PEACE, DEMOCRACY and JUSTICE on April 29!

On Saturday, April 29, the National Youth & Student Peace Coalition (NYSPC) will mobilize youth and students to gather in New York City with thousands of people from all over the country to demand Peace, Justice and Democracy for our generation and for all the world's people.

With no end in sight to the war in Iraq, the situation is especially dire for students and youth across this country: our peers are dying in Iraq, our financial aid is cut, our schools are under funded, our generation is criminalized, our teachers and professors are attacked and intimidated, and our friends are harassed and lied to by Military Recruiters. We are going to show the White House and Congress that youth and students will not stand by and watch them destroy the hopes and dreams of our generation.

"On April 29, young people will mobilize to show the country that we have an important role to play in taking back our democracy on our campuses, out in the streets, and at the ballot boxes in November," says Angela Kelly, an organizer for the Student Peace Action Network, a member of NYSPC, "Too many young people's lives have been shattered by a war based on lies and we are raising our voices to demand change."

The war's impact on our generation is increasingly alarming. The vast majority of US troops killed in Iraq have been youth of college-age (18-25). Military recruiters have escalated their aggressive and deceptive campaigns in our schools, preying upon young people as the Pentagon struggles to enlist enough youth to fight a war based on lies. At the same time, Congress just passed the largest cuts to student loans in history and are aiming to cut even more this year to help pay for the misguided policies of this administration. With thousands of youth expected to take to the streets, NYSPC is insisting that our government provide "Books Not Bombs" for all young people.

"We are marching in New York because, as students and faculty, and as Americans who care about our national security and our national reputation, we believe too many Americans and too many Iraqis have died through this administration's misguided policies", says Maurice Isserman, professor of history Hamilton College and students Haley Reimbold '06 and Victoria Schacht '08, in an article that they wrote in their campus newspaper to mobilize students for the march.

The National Youth & Student Peace Coalition was formed in 2001 to organize and mobilize the youth and student response to Bush's open-ended "war on terror." A broad-based youth-led coalition, NYSPC is building the strategic, long-term power of young people to oppose war as it affects our communities both at home and abroad by connecting the struggles for peace and social and economic justice through our "Books Not Bombs" agenda. Learn more at www.NYSPC.org.
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