Oxfam Canada CHANGE Initiative

Starting Date: 08-18-2006
Ending Date: 08-20-2006

Toronto, Ontario
The CHANGE Initiative is a program that trains post-secondary students to become actively engaged in Oxfam Canada’s social justice mission to build lasting solutions to global poverty and injustice. CHANGE helps develop capable and confident young leaders, who are informed and active voices for positive social transformation, and who inspire greater global awareness in others and change minds.

Participants start the program with a 3 day intensive training that will help equip them to advocate effectively for social change. They will be introduced to social justice and poverty issues directly related to Oxfam Canada’s mission, including about HIV/AIDS, Women's Rights and No Sweat. CHANGE Leaders will also have an opportunity to develop advocacy skills, learn about group development and creative action. The training will include 35 students from campuses across Canada, experienced Oxfam youth facilitators, staff from our campaign and program teams as well as representatives from Oxfam’s global youth network.

Geographical Scope: National

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