Not Your Soldier National Camp

Starting Date: 08-15-2006
Ending Date: 08-20-2006

Voluntown Peace Farm
Voluntown, Connecticut 06384
United States
August 15 – 20, 2006. Voluntown Peace Farm, Voluntown Connecticut

Come to Not Your Soldier National Action Camp to learn how to stop recruiters and fight the war!

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Stand up for yourself and your community.

This administration is hooked on war. Every day the U.S. sends more young people into a war zone where the death-toll for both soldiers and civilians gets higher and higher. The politicians won’t stand up for justice, even though we have told them with our polls and votes and voices to stop the madness. It’s time to stop supplying them with casualties.

We have decrepit schools, bad housing, and no healthcare. Recruiters would have us believe the only way out is by picking up a gun and heading to Iraq in exchange for promises of college tuition and job training. That’s NOT the only way.

Refuse to fight in an unjust war.

Build skills and resources to be a youth leader for justice.

Turn your ideas into concrete campaigns to stop military recruitment and create alternatives.

At camp, we’ll have sessions on:

Building A Not Your Soldier Campaign
Rep Your Bloc: Grassroots Organizing
Nonviolent Direct Action Gets the Goods
Getting the Word Out: Media and Messaging
Grassroots Fundraising
Team building
Art in Action
What does Youth Leadership Look Like?
Successful Models of Youth Leadership
Successful Counter Recruitment Campaigns
How A Recruiter Gets Your Number
The Poverty Draft
War Profiteers

We’re not gonna win unless we are all in it together.

Youth have the power to stop the war in Iraq, and make change in our own communities. But we need backup and support.

This camp is designed for youth and for adult allies who support youth leadership. If you’re committed to working to stop military recruitment, expose military recruiter’s lies, and create positive alternatives, we want you at camp!

There will be training tracks for youth and for adults to make sure everyone is learning the skills they need to get the job done.

We consider youth to be ages 14-22, and we ask that youth under 18 get permission from their parent or guardian, and come with an adult to camp.

It’s easy to get there.

The camp will take place at the historic Voluntown Peace Trust, in Voluntown CT, close to Providence RI. We’ll stay in dorm style bunks, and have access to beautiful land, hiking and a lake for swimming. All the food and lodging will be covered by your registration fees. You just need to get yourself there!

You can get there easily by bus, train, car or plane. Travel scholarships are available.

Camp registration fees are $100 per adult, and $25 per student.

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