Students of Color of Rackham Conference: Locating Common Ground

Starting Date: 02-13-2003
Ending Date: 02-15-2003

Ann Arbor, Michigan
United States
Locating Common Ground: Rethinking and Strengthening Our Collectivities.

As STUDENTS OF COLOR, we often feel marginalized in our scholarship particularly when we appear alone in our critical perspectives on traditional research in our fields. Despite these experiences of isolation, we draw strength from our interactions with one another.

Today, we face new political, economic, and social realities that compel us to reconsider the ties that bind us, and the imperatives behind these bonds. How can we LOCATE COMMON GROUND upon which to face the future?

We cannot simply rely on what were once "safe" assumptions and "proven" practices. We must be cognizant of the "real word" implications and "global" impact of our work. Therefore, we aspire to discover and enact new ways for us to perform our work while we open up social networks and strengthen our collectives.

The purpose of the SCOR 13th annual graduate and professional student conference is to explore, from each discipline, the recent challenges we face as students of color. We encourage submissions from all graduate and professional student
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