South Florida Campus Action Summit

Starting Date: 09-29-2006
Starting Time: 6:00pm
Ending Date: 10-01-2006

11200 S.W. 8th Street
Miami, Florida 33199
United States
The Campus Action Summit is a 3-day event which is meant to bring together a wide array of people and activist organizations representing campuses across South Florida.

The activities at the summit will center around providing skill-based training for those who want to engage in social activism as well as opportunities to discuss issues ranging from immigration to the war in Iraq to the relationship between students and workers.

The goal of the summit is to kick off the South Florida Campus Action Network which seeks to create greater solidarity between students so as to contribute to a broader local movement for social justice

The summit will be taking place at FIU's University Park campus. Faculty, students, workers and other young people supportive of social justice activism are welcome.

At this summit, there is no audience, only participants!

What kinds of issues will be covered?

- The State of Activism in South Florida
- Gentrification
- Racism and Immigration
- Students, Workers, and Unions
- Environment
- The War in Iraq
- Solidarity Campaigns
- Activism Beyond Campus Life
- Womens' Rights

Geographical Scope: State

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