2006 South West Student Leadership Conference

Starting Date: 10-13-2006
Starting Time: 5:00am
Ending Date: 10-15-2006

Arizpna State University
Tempe, Arizona
United States
The South West Student Leadership Conference is going to be host to hundreds of student leaders from around the region – it’ll be a great place to meet student leaders, build skills and learn about important issues – we’re also going to use these conferences to get out the youth vote for the fall mid-term elections, tackle climate change on our campuses, and build a network of student activists across the northeast.

You can register for the conference at www.trainings.org.

The conference is co-hosted by the Student Empowerment Training Project, The Arizona Students Association, the Student PIRGs and the Energy Action Coalition. All these groups have a lot of experience working with and training students – you’ll be able to learn from student organizers as well as experts from a variety of fields.

We’ve got big problems – Politicians aren’t paying attention to young people, college is getting more and more expensive, our leaders aren’t effectively addressing climate change, 30 million Americans are hungry or homeless - the list, unfortunately, goes on and on and on.

We’re inheriting these problems, so we’ve got to be ready. This fall, we’re coming together as a region to figure out how to address these problems right now.

This event is for:Student Leaders from Accross the South West! Student Government leaders, students running voter registration effforts, students running clean energy campaigns.
Geographical Scope: Regional

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