Building Bridges: A Labour Studies Conference

Starting Date: 02-02-2007
Ending Date: 02-03-2007

Windsor, Ontario
United States
Conference Theme and Objectives:

How can we defend and create good jobs, protect the environment, challenge injustice and inequality, and create peace? It’s a tall order, but there is a lot at stake. We’ve got lots of experience winning, but face some new and daunting challenges, too. Neoliberal globalization, labour market restructuring, war, and other major challenges to social justice have meant that labour and social movements are struggling to create solidarity and overcome many sources of division. This conference will explore those issues which both divide and unite labour and social movements, and discuss current and possible strategies for improving unity within and across movements and borders. Join union activists, researchers, students and artists from across the continent at this free conference to share strategies, find out what works, and discuss how we can work together to build a stronger movement for progressive social change.

The conference is being held at the same time as the 9th Annual Labour Arts Festival, which will allow participants to take in a variety of arts events over a three-day period.

Below is the final schedule and registration information. We hope to see you here in February!

Building Bridges Organizing Committee
Alan Hall, Jamie Kelders, Brandi Lucier, Stephanie Ross
Geographical Scope: National

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