Tribunal for Reparations to African People, the Assassination of Sean Bell

Starting Date: 01-27-2007
Starting Time: 12:00pm

House Of The Lord Church
415 Alantic Ave. (between Nevins And Bond)
Brooklyn, New York
United States

Saturday, January 27th @ Noon
House of the Lord Church
415 Atlantic Ave (between Nevins & Bond)
Brooklyn, New York

Open Subpoena to Appear in African People's Court
To: Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Commissioner Ray Kelly...
The African Community is charging the City of New York with the the
assassination of Sean Bell!

Court Operates According to International Law
-Omali Yeshitela, Chairman of the African People's Socialist Party
and leader of the Uhuru Movement
-Dorothy Lewis, Co-Chair of N'COBRA (Nat'l Coalition of Black for
Reparations in America)
-Charles Barron, NYC Councilman
-Malik Zulu Shabazz, Chairman of the New Black Panther Party
-The People!

On early Saturday morning of November 25th, 23 year-old Sean Bell,
along with two friends Joseph Guzman, 31 (shot 11 times) and Trent
Bennefield, 23 (shot 3 times) were gunned down by a NYPD task force
hours before Bell was supposed to get married. Bell was killed
instantly by a barrage of bullets. Bennefield and Guzman survivied
the shooting, but were being held in police custody - handcuffed to a
hospital bed.
To justify the shooting, the state claimed there was a "4th man" who
shot at the police first. In search of the fake gunman, the NYPD has
conducted illegal searches of innocent people's homes throughout the
African community.
Thousands of African have been taking to the streets demanding the
cops be jailed. It is clear to the community that the shooting was
unjustifiable - and that the police acted as judge, jury, prosecution
and executioners! However, we are also clear that the government is
incapable of punishing itself for its crimes against African people.
For real justice, Africans must build their own court...

Sponsored by the International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement
(InPDUM). InPDUM is a grassroots organization that defends the
democratic rights of the African community worldwide. We believe that
self-determination is the highest expression of democracy! Uhuru
Means Freedom!
Geographical Scope: Local

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