March 1st - An ALL DAY ANTI-WAR CONFERENCE -The Roots of War and Paths to Peace

Starting Date: 03-01-2003
Starting Time: 11:00am

Douglas College
New Westminster, British Columbia
Voice mail: (604) 68
The Douglas Students' Union (DSU) &
The International Solidarity Movement (ISM) present:

"The Roots of War and the Paths to Peace"

Mar 1: 11am - 6:30(ish)pm
and benefit until late!
Cost: If you are flat broke, you'll still get in. Otherwise,
unless you are a student from Douglas College, it will cost you at
$5-15 sliding scale.

Registration starts at 10:30am and seating is limited. Come early
to guarantee your spot. Douglas Students with ID in free.

New Westminster Campus of Douglas College, 700 Royal Avenue.
In room 2201, "lecture theatre" (near the library). If all you
care about is the list of speakers, scroll downwards.

The Middle East is currently living under war and the threat of
full-scale invasion. However, more and more people are questioning
the motives of the war plans. There was a demonstration of over
TEN MILLION people worldwide last Saturday!

What has brought this curent situation about?
What is going on inside Iraq and Palestine today?

The DSU and the ISM are hosting a conference to help people across
Vancouver figure all of these things out, what's going on, and
what we can do.

After the days conference there is a music, art and poetry benefit
with raffles, beer, food and even Palestinian Folk Dancing! Plus a
Garlic flavoured streetpoet...[?]

A chance to relax and talk among friends afterwards with all of
the proceeds going towards the ISM-Vancouver:

Speakers and Presenters include:

Jen Ziemann & Linda Morgan
(recently returned from the Iraq Peace Team)

Jaggi Singh
(ISM delegate recently returned from Palestine, No one is Illegal,

Dr Adel Samara
(world renowned Palestinian economist, on a tour of North America)

Tanya Suvendrini Lena
(Palestine Solidarity Group, recently returned from Palestine
where she volunteered at a hospital)

Mordecai Briemberg (CanPalNet)

Hanna Kawas (Canada Palestine Association)

Riadh Muslih (Adala-- Canadian Arab Justice Committee)

There will also be a final panel including many of the anti-war
groups from across Vancouver and beyond. This panel will not be
presentations but instead will focus on the question:
"Where do we go from here?" and it will involve one-on-one
between already active groups and audience members to help us
determine how to beat the scourges of war, racism and military

Groups that have already endorsed this confernce include:

Trade Union Committee for Justice in the Middle East
Campaign to End Sanctions Against the People of Iraq
Iraq Peace Team
Jews For a Just Peace
November 17th Peace Coaliton
Canada Palestine Association
Adala-- Canadian Arab Justice Committee
No One Is Illegal coalition
Palestine Solidarity Group

others to be added, check list at:

International Solidarity Movement
Vancouver Chapter:

Geographical Scope:

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