Activist Institute

Starting Date: 03-23-2007
Starting Time: 9:00am

Central Connecticut State University
New Britain, Connecticut
United States
The Activist Institute is a series of workshops taking place over two days, as part of the True Colors annual conference, the country's largest conference for LGBTQI youth. AI workshops include:

- Organizing Powerful Days of Action
- Where's the "T" in Your GSA? Organizing Trans-Inclusive Student Clubs
- Starting and Maintaining Student Clubs and GSAs
- Slow Dancing With the Enemy
- Activism 101: Learn How to Be an Activist!
- Assimilate This! Shaping a Radical Queer Identity
- Podcasting: Getting Your Voice Out There_
- Diversity in Activism, Communities of Color can do it!
- Blogging for Change
- Art and Activism
- Trans Activism through a Holistic Activist Lens

Those who participate in at least 6 workshops will receive an AI leadership certificate.
Geographical Scope: State

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