Tribunal on Reparations for African People

Starting Date: 03-17-2007
Starting Time: 12:00pm

First Unitarian Church
2125 Chestnut St.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States
What: Tribunal on Reparations for African People, charging the City of Philadelphia for crimes against the African community

When: Saturday, March 17th, Noon to 5pm
Where: First Unitarian Church, 2125 Chestnut St., Philadelphia PA 267-254-5901

The Philadelphia Branch of the International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement is holding a Tribunal to charge the City of Philadelphia for its crimes
against the African community.

Mayor John Street, Police Commissioner Sylvester Johnson and other officials will be subpoenaed to appear before the African community court to hear the charges against them. These include the unacceptable rise in police murders of young African men - a record 20 Africans were killed in 2006 and already 5 more in 2007 so far; the hostile and inadequate anti-black school system; the forcible removal of African families and communities through gentrification; the history of city-sponsored terror against the African community including the bombing of the MOVE organization in 1985, and the framing of African Political Prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal.

People's Advocate: Omali Yeshitela, Chairman of the African People's Socialist

Queen Mother Dorothy Lewis, National Co-Chair of NCOBRA (National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America)
Carla Harris, Minister, radio host on WURD
Redman Battles, leader in the Marcus Garvey Movement in Philadelphia

Expert Testimony
Diop Olugbala, International Organizer for the International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement, coordinator of the Sean Bell Justice Hearing
in NYC - testifying on the history of slavery, genocide and colonial terror
against the African community, and how the violence in the African community stems from the violence of the government - enforced poverty, unemployment, anti-black schools, homelessness and hopelessness.
Penny Hess, Chairwoman of the African People's Solidarity Committee,
author of Overturning the Culture of Violence and All Diamonds are Blood
Diamonds - testifying on role of the white population in the historic and current attack and exploitation of Africa and African people, and how the drug and prison industries feed the white economy at the expense of African suffering.
Leon Williams Esq., African attorney and candidate for District
Attorney, testifying on Philadelphia's anti-black education system.
Linn Washington, Journalism professor at Temple University - testifying on the history of abuse against African people by the Philadelphia Police

Community Testimony
Ramona Africa, only adult survivor of the MOVE bombing
Mike Africa, testifying on case of African Political Prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal
Leotus Jones, Director of CAP, (Community Assistance for Prisoners), Chairman of the Experimentation Survivors - testifying on medical experimentation on Africans in PA prisons
Families of victims of police murder, including:
Bryan Jones, killed by police on 1/1/07
Angelo Slaughter, killed by police on 10/11/06
Kenneth Griffin, killed by his parole officers in 1997

Geographical Scope: Local

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