Revolution, Resistance, and Methodologies of Transgression

Starting Date: 04-27-2007

Binghamton, New York 13902
United States
To abandon the fantasy of a Revolution that was always either yet to come or already over, a Revolution that would change everything except the present, is also to abandon the ambition to explain everything in the grandeur of a universal metatheory, in favor of “minor” theoretical and
philosophical considerations of the micropolitics of discrete, local struggles. The risk of such a move is, of course, that of entropy: that such struggles and such thinking risk isolation and stasis in their very self-affirmation. However, the wager of many such struggles, and of much radical political thought in recent years, has been that it is possible to establish contingent connections and relations between apparently disparate struggles.

We conceive of this conference to be one of innumerable relay points or conjunctions where the work of connection and relation among radical political struggles can be undertaken. We therefore
seek contributions (from, but not limited to, interdisciplinary work in philosophy, women’s studies, cultural studies, visual/ performative art, postcolonial studies, film/media studies, translation studies and ethnic/American studies) that will help us think—practically, philosophically, aesthetically—about revolution, resistance, and transgression; about how such practices can make the connections and relations that constitute a network, and about the relation of radical micropolitical practices and methodologies to the macropolitics of the world economy, the state form, transnational militarization, and the various genocides of the current situation, for xample—in short, to actually existing fascism.

CFP Address:
While we prefer electronic submission, we will also accept hard copies at the following address: Atttention: Victoria Delaney,
PIC Conference Program in Philosophy, Interpretation and Culture (PIC)
Binghamton University
PO Box 6000
Binghamton, New York 13902-6000


Contact:Sasha Shivers
Tel: 516-459-3770
Geographical Scope: State

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