Sacred Activism and the Power of Inclusion

Starting Date: 05-10-2007
Ending Date: 05-12-2007

Renaissance Tulsa Hotel And Convention Center
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74133
United States
The most exciting fact about America today is that a new wisdom culture is emerging. It is a movement of inclusion and hope, comprised of people who have participated in the major social movements of the past fifty years – from civil rights, the environment, feminism, disarmament, human rights, and social justice – and have emerged committed to personal and spiritual development without being dogmatically religious and supportive of economic and technical progress but not at the expense of the environment or community. Studies show that this group actually constitutes the new moral majority of America. You are probably one of them.

Wisdom University has committed itself to understanding and mobilizing this new movement gaining momentum across America and around the world. We convened a major conference in Seattle in May 2006 that drew over 1,000 people excited to be part of the emerging wisdom culture. We are convening “Wisdom Weekends” around the country and Europe to spread the word and make connections. We are planning an international gathering in Washington, D.C. in the Spring of 2008 to enhance the public profile of this new moral majority. The Tulsa conference May 10-12 is an integral part of building the movement because it is taking place in the heartland of America.
• Come to the conference and learn about the new values that are shaping people’s lives and America’s future.
• Connect with people who share your beliefs and feelings.
• Be inspired by national and local speakers addressing issues directly relevant to your life.
• Be transformed by the power of community and a burgeoning network of people across this nation who are committed, as you are, to a holistic vision of the future.
• Participate in a process to ignite our collective action that will allow you to network, spread your message, and build community.

For all of you actively engaged in social transformation, we invite you to register for the conference and receive a free table to present your materials. You are invited to get your message out at the various workshops and plenaries that pertain to your interest area. You are also invited to participate in an Opportunity Fair on Saturday with all the other groups present to network, share information, and engage in a cutting edge visualization process to Ignite Collective Action.

This may be the most important conference you have ever attended. It is about the future and how we can work together to make our vision real.
Geographical Scope: National

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