Puppet Power 2007

Starting Date: 05-25-2007
Ending Date: 05-27-2007

University Of Calgary
Calgary, Alberta
“Puppet Power” is a bi–annual conference that explores the power of puppetry beyond performance. It features keynote speakers and hands-on workshops led by international artists and professionals. Other components often include panel and round table discussions, puppet performances, Master classes, puppet exhibits and film/video screenings.

Past conferences have included “Puppet Power 2005: Puppets Promote Literacy”, “Puppet Power 2003: Embracing Multiculturalism”, “Puppet Power 2002: Puppets as a Therapeutic Medium”.

This year’s theme “Puppets as Agents of Social Change” intends to explore:

Past conference participants have said:

"More than I expected. Many ideas, new art form integrating with visual art, connection to my relation with words"

"It was great to get out of the box of regular items and use other items. Workshop was too short. I had so much fun"
current puppet usage in political and social etc. activism
puppetry’s existing and potential role in promoting peace, as well as instigating change in issues related to health, religion, education and the environment
how puppets can be used for community and organizational transformation
connected art mediums that also address the theme i.e.: political cartooning, mask
how to balance the medium and the message
the aesthetics for public space art versus ticketed performance space – are they different?
At the same time we will provide training in making and using various types of puppetry for a variety of skill levels

The goal of the conference is to give participants greater knowledge and increased comfort to use the medium of puppetry more frequently in their various professional applications.
Geographical Scope: National


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