All Diamonds are Blood Diamonds U.S. -Wide Tour

Starting Date: 04-28-2007
Starting Time: 12:00pm

Philadelphia Ethical Society
1906 S. Rittenhouse Square
Phila., Pennsylvania 19104
United States
ALL Diamonds are Blood Diamonds
U.S. - Wide Tour

Announcing the 2007 ALL Diamonds are Blood Diamonds tour
featuring Omavi Bailey and Dr. Aisha Fields

Omavi Bailey is the Director of Burning Spear Media, a growing
multi-faceted revolutionary news and information institution that presents the
views and aspirations of African working people worldwide.

Dr. Aisha Fields is a physicist who coordinates the All African
People’s Development and Empowerment Projects, working with people in Africa,
and elsewhere in the African world, to develop sustainable, renewable
electrification and water purification programs in their communities.

Penny Hess, author of "All Diamonds are Blood Diamonds" and Chair of African People's Solidarity Committee will also give a presentation.

As the eyes of the world focus on the issue of Africa’s blood or
conflict diamonds, Mr. Bailey and Dr. Fields are touring the U.S. to expose the reality that even the so-called legitimate diamond trade is dripping in the blood of African people. Making their case with videos, PowerPoint presentations and expert testimony, Fields and Bailey show that all diamonds are blood diamonds. As Mr. Bailey states, “The entire diamond
industry is based in the colonial legacy of 500 years of European
plunder of the African continent which has enriched the Western world to the exact extent that it has impoverished African people.”

These two dynamic, talented young people are dedicated to the struggle to liberate Africa and all of its resources for the benefit of African working people. As members of the Uhuru Movement leading the struggle to unite Africa and African people worldwide, Fields and Bailey put forward irrefutable solutions for Africa’s crisis found not in charity or “relief” but in African people themselves coming together to solve Africa’s problems using Africa’s vast natural resources as their birthright.

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