SEAC Summer Training Institute & National Council Meeting

Starting Date: 07-24-2003
Ending Date: 07-31-2003

Detroit, Michigan
United States
The Institute has three main components:

Education and Issue Based Workshops - To build an effective coalition we must be committed to learning from one another how all of our struggles are interrelated.

Skill Training - Where we will learn and teach the basic elements and strategic planning skills necessary to build a mass-based, diverse, multi-issue movement for social change.

Movement Building - We cannot become good agents of social change until we have learned to deal with issues of opression within our own groups.

Alongside the STI is SEAC's National Council Meeting . The NC meeting is where all the decisions for the national organization are made. SEAC is a student and youth run and led organization, so come to the NC meeting and be a part of organizing SEAC NATIONALLY!
Geographical Scope:

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