Radical Road Trip Convergence 2008!

Starting Date: 08-14-2008
Ending Date: 08-23-2008

United States
The Radical Road Trip Network invites you to become a part of the Radical Road Trip Convergence 2008!

The Radical Road Trip works to create a better world. It is works on our annual radical road trip which is a convergence, a journey and an adventure with a multicultural, bunch of friends from colleges and communities all over the world. We seek to network different multicultural movements for a better world. We are going to travel around the country on a road trip for 10 days to raise consciousness for the need to create a better world that includes people of all races! A DIY documentary that which will be placed online for free will share the road trip with others worldwide.

On our website you can do the following:

-Join our once-a-month multicultural email newsletter list

-Join our multicultural email discussion list

-Join our multicultural facebook group found here: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2551886500

-See Our Multicultural Radical Road Trip Music Video

-Add your blog, website to our Multicultural links page by clicking 'submit your link' on our website

-And much more!

Our Multicultural radical road trip began with about eight Z Magazine Instite (ZMI) graduates and seveal others o many different races and we continue to grow. We're also looking for folks and communities to visit on the nationwide road trip. Our website is at http://www.radicalroadtrip.org -

Thanks and Solidarity for a better world!

Love for the people,

-Radical Road Trip Members

"To love without role, without power plays, is revolution."
-Rita Mae Brown

Geographical Scope: National

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