8/6/07 White King, Red Rubber, Black Death, Monday Night Film Series

Starting Date: 08-08-2007
Starting Time: 7:00pm

Uhuru Solidarity Center
3733 Lancaster Ave (West Philly)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104
United States
8/6/07 White King, Red Rubber, Black Death
Film Series - Monday nights at 7 pm

Uhuru Solidarity Center
3733 Lancaster Ave.
West Philadelphia

Belgium genocide in Congo
Powerful documentary exposing King Leopold II of Belgium's brutal colonization of Central Africa, turning it into a vast rubber-harvesting labor camp where 10 million Africans were murdered for resisting colonial terror. Peter Bate 2003

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Sponsored by the Uhuru Solidarity Movement to benefit Uhuru Movement programs for justice, reparations and liberation for African people.
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