2007 Sustainable Campuses Conference

Starting Date: 09-27-2007
Ending Date: 09-30-2007

University Of Western Ontario
London, Ontario N6A 5B8
Sierra Youth Coalition
The Sustainable Campuses Conference is different from most conferences. It is an active training ground to empower participants with the skills to lead successful initiatives on their campuses. At the conference, participants will: build and enhance their skills through participatory and engaging workshops and field trips; enjoy group discussions with leading sustainability experts, youth and scholars; and meet hundreds of university students, professors, and university administrators with whom to share success stories.

Since 1999, the Conference has been supporting, documenting and sharing the efforts of young Canadians who implement environmental and social responsibility projects in their schools. This has resulted in the strengthening of a national network of hundreds of students collaborating in their efforts to make institutions of higher education leaders in sustainability.

Conference Goals
To build the capacity of conference participants to develop campus sustainability initiatives in their schools and communities;
To continue building the capacity of returning participants by introducing innovative workshops, training, discussions and field trips;
To continue supporting and expanding strong, active, student-oriented networks regionally, nationally and internationally, and support their grassroots campaigns;
To introduce and train participants to take part in Canada's most holistic Campus Sustainability Assessment.
Geographical Scope: National


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