Toronto Youth Action Conference 2003

Starting Date: 05-03-2003
Ending Date: 05-04-2003

Toronto, Ontario
Hungry for Change - Youth Action Conference 2003
Stir It Up, Youth Action Network (YAN) and Toronto Environmental
Alliance?s Youth Caucus (TEA) are planning a two-day youth action
conference proposed for May 3-4. This conference will include one day of workshops on issues of social justice, peace, environmentalism, anti- oppression and more. The second day will focus on ways that youth can organize to address these issues, culminating in the proposed formation of a Toronto High-School Political and Social Action Coalition. This day will be devoted to workshops on a variety of topics pertaining to youth action;
puppet making, letter writing, culture jamming, protesting, group
organizing, anti-oppression, radical cheerleading, zines, civic
journalism, street theater and more.
Geographical Scope:

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