Labor Notes 2008 Conference - Rebuilding Labor's Power

Starting Date: 04-11-2008
Ending Date: 04-13-2008

Detroit, Michigan 48201
United States

Workplace: Winning power on the job, shop floor organizing and resisting workplace restructuring.

Fighting Concessions: While many companies cry broke we will explore what we can do to fight back rather than give back.

Organizing: Organizing strategies that work to increase our numbers.

Health Care Now: How can labor respond to the problem of the U.S.' broken health care system?

Rebuilding the Labor Movement from the Bottom Up: Organizing for revival from below, connecting with worker centers and non-majority unions and building practical cross-federation solidarity.

Immigrant Rights: How can the labor movement deepen our alliances with workers fighting for a right to live and work free of government harassment and employer intimidation?

International Solidarity vs. Competition: Overcoming the race to the bottom by building solidarity across borders.


Early workshops and special interest meetings begin 1 p.m. Friday, April 11, with the opening main session at 7 p.m. Events continue until 3 p.m. Sunday, April 13.

A full conference agenda and schedule will be available in months to come.


Over 40 workshops will be offered including:
Labor History
Flyers and Newsletters
Assertive Grievance Handling
Internal Organizing: Key to a Strong Union
Getting Ahead of Globalization
Taking Control of the Workplace: A "Continuous Bargaining" Approach
Contract Campaigns
Fighting Blame the Worker Health and Safety Programs
Running for Local Union Office
Dealing with the Media
Strategic Planning: Building a Strong Local
Creative Tactics
Pension Crisis 101
Strike Strategy


Labor Notes conferences are one-of-a-kind opportunities to meet other labor activists and union members by union, industry, or interest.

Meetings will include:

Meeting of auto workers, Teamsters, longshore workers, worker centers, Canadian labor activists, young workers, teachers, telecom workers, public sector workers, non-majority unions, airline workers, cross-union building trades activists, labor-community alliances and many more.

Let us know what meeting your members would like on the agenda!
Geographical Scope: National


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