ECAASU 2008 Conference

Starting Date: 02-15-2008
Ending Date: 02-17-2008

Cornell University
Ithaca, New York 14853
United States
Three decades ago, ECAASU’s founders fought along side Civil Rights activist to create equal rights for people of color. They wanted to build and strengthen the Asian American student organizations so that they can meet the social, political and educational needs of Asian and Asian American students.

This year we are going to take a look at ECAASU’s mission statement and understand the changes that we as Asian Americans have gone through, the challenges that we still need to overcome and how we can overcome them together.

Our vision for ECAASU 2008 at Cornell is to revive the passion that was in the hearts of ECAASU’s founders. Through workshops, speakers, and discussions, we will examine the progress of Asian American activism over the past three decades and what is to come in the next three decades.

Our conference will focus on the following aspects of awareness and action:

* Reflections: Overview of the last 30 years of ECAASU, the vision of ECAASU’s founders and reasons to continue the efforts of ECAASU.
* Progress: What are the issues going on now? How does this compare to issues that challenged ECAASU 30 years ago?
* Opportunities: What can students do to improve the lives of Asian Americans
Geographical Scope: Regional

ECAASU 2008 at CornellNew York

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