Pittsburgh 10th Annual Summit Against Racism

Starting Date: 01-26-2008

East Liberty Presbyterian Church
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15206
United States
412-441-3800, ext. 3
The 10th annual Summit Against Racism will be held on Saturday, January 26, 2008 from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm at East Liberty Presbyterian Church, 116 S. Highland Ave. Don’t miss this exciting day of workshops, art, music, food, and networking. It is a wonderful opportunity for each of us to see what impact we can have on ending racism in Pittsburgh.

Too often, as individuals, we feel powerless, with no ability to affect the conditions around us. This is a “victimization mentality” which offers us no access to power and brings about no change. The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., around whose birthday we plan this annual event, demonstrated our theme, “the power of one.”

Pittsburgh’s response to recent events also demonstrates this power, and momentum is building:

- 200+ individuals attended the 2007 Summit Against Racism.

- In April, 600+ high school and college students protested conditions in Uganda and Darfur.

- In June, 400+ men marched from downtown to Freedom Corner to rally for Black Male Solidarity.

- In August, “The Gathering” drew more than 150 participants.

- In October, 200+ college students staged a “walkout” in support of the Jena 6.

- In response to the 2007 University of Pittsburgh report on racial disparities, the Racial Equity and Empowerment Coalition attracted some 250 individuals and 100 contributors to its October summit.

This year marks the 10th Summit Against Racism and the 40th anniversary of Dr. King’s assassination. As Pittsburgh prepares to celebrate its 250th anniversary, it has again been designated “Most Livable City”--but most livable for whom? Let’s make our city most livable for all. Demonstrate your power by participating in this milestone Summit:

* Attend and bring friends and family.
* Place an ad or message in the program and reach more than 200 advocates for racial justice.
* Donate to the Jonny Gammage Memorial Scholarships, awarded to Pittsburgh area law students.
* Contribute to the Summit registration fund for students and low income attendees.
* Volunteer to help with the Summit and ongoing Black & White Reunion activities.
* Reserve a table to display your organization’s information.

We must individually and collectively claim our ability to make a difference in our own lives and in the lives around us. The problems at hand demand that we live our lives with this extraordinary commitment. As one Summit attendee put it, “I come to the Summit Against Racism to get inspired and re-energized.”

Please complete and return the enclosed form before the deadlines indicated. Your early registration facilitates good planning and is very much appreciated. Thank you!

2008 Summit Against Racism Planning Committee

The Black & White Reunion is a diverse group organized in reaction to the 1995 police killing of Jonny Gammage. We focus on positive strategies for forging racial equality, such as the Mural Bridge project, the Jonny Gammage Memorial Scholarships, and the annual Summit Against Racism.
Geographical Scope: Metro


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