National Counter Military Recruitment Conference

Starting Date: 06-27-2003
Ending Date: 06-29-2003

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States
Stopping War Where It Begins:
Organizing Against Militarism in Our Schools

June 27-29, Philadelphia

For students, parents, teachers, community organizers and all those who believe that schools should be about education, opportunity, building social justice and teaching peace.

Workshop and panel topics will include:

Youth/peer organizing and ally support work.
Countering JROTC proliferation.
No Child Left Unrecruited (Behind) Act.
The poverty draft.
Presenting alternatives to military enlistment.
Strategies/approaches to counter-recruitment work.
Recruitment and ROTC on college campuses.
Legal issues: know your rights, equal access to schools.
Military recruiting and race, gender and ethnicity.
Conscientious objection and draft registration.

For more information contact: AFSC (American Friends Service Committee) Youth & Militarism Program, 215-241-7176;

Co-sponsors: AFSC Youth & Militarism Program, CCCO, ROOTS/War Resisters League, Project YANO, Teen Peace Project, Center on Conscience and War, STARC, COMD, CHOICES
Geographical Scope:

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