Uprising for Change: A Gathering of Young Activists

Starting Date: 06-19-2003
Ending Date: 06-22-2003

Lyons, Michigan
United States
?Uprising for Change: A Gathering of Young Activists?

This event is created by and for young people between the ages of 20 and 30 who have a passionate commitment to social change. Whether you have been an activist for several years or are a relative newcomer, this is a gathering where your energy, vision, experience, and dreams will be welcomed and encouraged.

Our hope is to draw together a diverse and rich mixture of young activists who are engaged in a wide range of social change movements such as disability rights, anti-racism, LGBTQ rights, feminism, as well as economic and environmental justice.

The term ?activist? invokes a wide range of images and expectations some of which are, too often, used to judge ourselves and others. There will be facilitated discussion and activities directed toward breaking down stereotypes and creating a broader understanding of activism that meets many of the needs, challenges, and visions of young people today. Young people crave the work of justice and organizations and movements depend on these young visionaries? wisdom and commitment to action.

Together, we will explore:
The many and varied ways we can be engaged in activism;
how to build and sustain community;
ways to generate awareness and develop connections among young activists involved in different movements for change;
how we can be mentors to and with one another;
ways to link different issues of justice into your personal activism;

These issues will be addressed through sharing personal stories, individuals providing information about their involvement with justice issues and personal reflection. There will also be time to enjoy the beauty of the land outside. This long weekend promises to be both fun and inspiring through the experience of hearing the eclectic voices of young people into action.

This event is created and will be facilitated by a small diverse group of young individuals to ensure that a variety of ideas and perspectives are represented. A planning team is actively engaged in dialogue with the two coordinators, Miriam Biber and Sarah Cleaver, and will help lead small group activities. Joe Reilly of the music group, Long Hairz Collective, Deana Rabiah of ACCESS, Alex Wilson who is doing construction work, and Neftara Clark who is a law student are all participating in the planning team. Claudia Horwitz, who is the executive director of stone circles, a non-profit finding unique ways to integrate spirituality into social justice work will lead a portion of this retreat.

Gender inclusive for people around 20-30 years old
Time: Thursday, 7pm- Sunday, 1pm
Cost: $150 ($50 deposit + $100 balance due)

Miriam Biber
Geographical Scope:

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