FREE EMANUEL ZELTSER-political rally

Starting Date: 04-02-2008
Starting Time: 11:00am

703 Third Avenue And 44th Street
New york, New York 10017
United States
Okay guys here's the deal:

A good family friend of ours, Emanuel Zeltser, the nations leading anti Russian mob and civil rights attorney was arrested and detained in a KGB jail in Belarus almost two weeks ago. He was detained just as he was arriving in the country with his secretary for "undefined charges". As we all know every American citizen detained in a foreign nation has the right to a consular visit as cited in the Vienna convention. As you may or may not know, our ties with Belarus have been on a rapid decline in the passing months, so Emanuel's right to a consular visit is being denied. This is unlawful and we will not stand for it. Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus's president is an awful man and terrible dictator to his people. He has silenced the freedom of the press and dismissed free enterprise. The people of Belarus are terrified and ruled by the KGB. This is not okay.
As we have little to no contact with Emanuel we have been made aware that he went on a seven day hunger strike before they assigned him an attorney. This is where you guys come in.
We will be holding a PEACEFUL demonstration in front of the consulate general of Belarus in NYC on Wednesday, April 2nd. What we need are numbers! We need lots of people to make lots of noise. We need more press coverage, we need to let them know that it's not OKAY to arrest people for no reason and deny them their given American rights!
So come if you believe in democracy
Come to exercise your first amendment right
Come if you want to help the people of Belarus
Or just come if you feel like waving a sign around and shouting

We already have New York Senator Chuck Schumer in on it and ready to help, so please come and help get a good man out of jail. Tell you friends! Tell your parents! Tell your pot smoking activist buddies to get off the couch and shout!

MAKE SIGNS! (Just don't use sticks of any kind; I'm serious and so are the NYC rally laws)

Some sign ideas:




Seriously, it'll take one hour of your time and you'll leave a better person.
We the people are a force not to be reckoned with.

Geographical Scope: Local

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