SUNY Social Justice Conference

Starting Date: 11-07-2008
Starting Time: 4:00pm
Ending Date: 11-09-2008

4400 Vestal Parkway
Vestal, New York 13902
United States

The SUNY Social Justice Conference, November 7-9 at SUNY-Binghamton, will be a staging ground for students, organizers, activists and allies to build a united movement across our diverse communities for solidarity and social change. Budget cuts and privatization close doors to public higher education, but the state's prison system drains away funds into an ever-expanding industrial complex. As more young people of color enter penitentiaries than enroll in the SUNY system, campuses reap the benefits of forced prison labor. As educators and students fight to be heard, the state suffocates the power of unions to organize and negotiate. And as endless wars rage overseas, vital resources are wrested from communities back home. Drawing upon the rich history of vital student participation in struggles for social change, we will gather in November to build new movements for justice. Join us for a weekend of organizing, learning, networking, and connecting, featuring workshops, strategy-sessions, discussions and a keynote address by people's historian Howard Zinn.

Callout for Workshops!

We're looking to organizers and activists to host workshops on a wide range of social justice projects for the November Conference. These can range from ongoing campaigns, to movement strategy, to anti-oppression trainings.

To propose a workshop, contact

Workshop List Thus Far:

Address by Howard Zinn
Popular Education/Frearian Pedagogy
History of Race in the SUNY System
Union Organizing on Campus
Veterans for Peace/Iraq Veterans Against the War
Prisoner Support Network/Prison Abolition
Combating Sexual Violence
People's Justice/Police Accountability
"The Bad Side of Town": Racism, Communities & Housing
Health care
Onondaga Land Rights Action/Universities on Stolen Land
Welfare Poets Workshop
Teaching Peace
The Green Scare
Women, Incarceration & Resistance
Movement Building Strategy Sessions
Killer Coke

We'll have an official housing board up on the website at some point, but for now, if you're looking for housing in Binghamton during the conference, contact Ben Farrer at
Geographical Scope: Regional

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