Beyond the Ballot: Making the Movement Matter; A National Conference of Youth and Student Activists

Starting Date: 02-27-2009
Starting Time: 5:00pm
Ending Date: 03-01-2009

Academy Of Environmental Science
410 East 100 Street
New York, New York 10029
United States
Keynote Speaker: AMY GOODMAN
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President-elect Barack Obama has yet to sit in the Oval Office, but the nation’s political and social scenes are already changing. The questions to ask are "what kind of change" and "what can we do?" To answer them, the Young Democratic Socialists is hosting, "Beyond the Ballot: Making the Movement Matter," a national three-day conference that will bring together progressive youth and movement veterans to discuss strategies for the new terrain on which we struggle.

Join investigative journalists Amy Goodman & Christian Parenti, author and organizer Frances Fox Piven, The Nation Magazine writer and editor Liza Featherstone, independent journalist and author Mark Engler, political theorists Stephen Eric Bronner, Joseph Schwartz & Corey D.B. Walker, radical academic Komozi Woodard, and community organizer and trainer Steve Max. The event will also feature over a dozen workshops with activists, organizers, and academics on relevant topics such as labor, student debt, the economic crisis, racial justice, queer rights, immigration and more.

The gathering will be held at the Academy of Environmental Science, 410 East 100 Street, in Manhattan's Spanish Harlem. The conference runs from Friday, February 27th to Sunday, March 1st. For more information please email YDS National Organizer Erik Rosenberg at
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