Midwest Academy Workshop for Supervisors of Organizers - New York City - September 2009

Starting Date: 09-16-2009
Ending Date: 09-18-2009

New York City, New York 10003
United States
If you have good staff who do fine work, and you know that you can get them up to the next level but it just hasn't happened yet, then this workshop will be helpful. Why is it that some organizers seem to catch on naturally while others don't? Is it genetic or somewhere along the line was there a difference in the supervision they received? This work- shop gives supervisors a chance to step back from the missing time sheets and meetings on the run in order to discuss supervision as the major and most consistent form of training that their organizers receive.
Sessions will include (but not be limited to):

* Understanding different organizational models, and the need to be clear with your staff about exactly what they are building.
* Using the Midwest Academy Strategy Chart as an ongoing method of setting organizers? priorities and monitoring progress.
* How to motivate, mentor and nurture organizers who are at different stages in their careers.
* Techniques for long distance (e-mail and phone) supervision.
* Nitty-gritty supervisory skills such as hiring, discipline, evaluations and even firing.

Who should apply: You must be currently supervising organizers who are conducting issue campaigns. Applicants may be from local, state, or national organizations, and as always, the Midwest Academy encourages participation from a variety of organizing networks and models.
Geographical Scope: National

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