Cannabis Legalization Open Mike 'Speak Out'

Starting Date: 05-17-2009
Starting Time: 12:00pm
Ending Date: 05-18-2009

Eagle St And State St
East Capitol Park
Albany, New York
United States
A public "Speak Out" in front of the Capitol Building, where anyone who has something to say will have a chance to voice their opinion. This is part of a rallying effort to encourage people to reach out to Governor Paterson and their state representatives for an end to the prohibition of cannabis hemp. But this time Storm is not just rallying outside. 

The day after the "Speak Out", On Monday, May 18 she is planning on leading a group of concerned citizens into the Capitol building to ask for an audience with Governor Paterson to address what she calls a crime against humanity being commited by our government. "We don't need a law to give us permission to use this wonderful plant. God already did that. We need a law to protect us from those who want to deprive us of our rights." She is serious about getting all of the prisoners out of jail who are in for marijuana and getting their children returned to their families. 

Abigail says, "Its time to plant our seed and give the people a light of hope for a healthy and happy future." 

Geographical Scope: State
Day of Action

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