Labor Notes 2010 Conference

Starting Date: 04-23-2010
Ending Date: 04-25-2010

Detroit, Michigan 48201
United States
What's happening at the conference?

Early workshops and meetings begin 1pm on Friday April 23, with the opening main session at 7pm.
Closing session is at 3pm Sunday, April 25.


With more than 100 workshops and meetings during the 3-day conference, this list is just a teaser!
Bargaining during tough times
Understanding the economic crisis (it’s not just greedy bankers)
Contract campaigns
Public sector fight-backs
Facing trusteeships and top-down union campaigns
What’s next after labor’s fight for EFCA and health care reform?
Understanding and defending pensions
Building lasting labor-community partnerships
Pitfalls of neutrality agreements and top-down organizing deals
Fresh strategies for single-payer health care
Organizing with health and safety
Member-led organizing drives
...and many more!


Defend jobs, contracts, and unions during the economic crisis.
The Republic Windows and Doors Chicago sit-in taught a lesson: we can win allies—and win—even in tough times. What are the strategies that work?

Hold the line on the shop floor.
Technology and management schemes are changing the workplace dramatically. Are we keeping up?

Organize and build unions that work.
We’ll discuss strategies for starting and strengthening unions with members at the helm, not just numbers on a spreadsheet.

Examine labor's political agenda.
Unions went all-out in the elections, but labor law and health care reform aren’t measuring up. What’s the best use of our political time and energy?

Bring up the next generation.
We need more young workers than ever at this conference. We’re encouraging organizations to send workers under 30, and help build a special scholarship fund.

Defend the public sector.
Don't let layoffs and budget cuts threaten the future of public sector work and public services.

Making sense of the turmoil.
What do we make of messy trusteeships and internal rifts—are they highlighting important differences in our movement?

Connect our fights.
Build coalitions that strengthen labor, environmental, and anti-war movements.

Conference details and logistics

Hyatt Regency Dearborn
600 Town Center Drive
Dearborn, Michigan, USA 48126-2793
Geographical Scope: National


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