Local to Global Justice Teach-In 9th Annual

Starting Date: 02-26-2010
Ending Date: 02-28-2010

Arizona State University
Tempe, Arizona 85280
United States
2010 Teach-In: Re-Storying Community

The economic crisis of the past year has created a need for re-imagining new possibilities for restoring communities and social networks. As we work to build more sustainable and justice-based strategies we recognize the power stories can have in this process of restoring communities. Unfortunately, not all stories are heard or valued equally.

The theme of the 9th Annual Local to Global Justice Teach-In, to be held February 27-28, 2010, is Re-Storying Community. This year's event moves us closer to a social forum in which we can share our stories and listen to narratives that are too often pushed to the margins
Geographical Scope: State

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