Adoptee Rights Demonstration

Starting Date: 07-25-2010
Starting Time: 12:00pm

Louisville, Kentucky
United States
Join adoptees, families of origin, adoptive families, friends and supporters at the 3rd Annual Adoptee Rights Demonstration!

We propose a one day DEMONSTRATION FOR ADOPTEE RIGHTS at the National Conference of State Legislature’s Annual Meeting in Louisville, KY on July 25th, 2010

The National Conference of State Legislatures is the largest group of its kind, its the national organization of STATE LAWMAKERS, the people who DECIDE whether you may access your original birth certificate… OR NOT.

We propose a demonstration of supporters representing all fifty states, a one-day rally that will be an opportunity for adoptees to demonstrate their commitment to adoptee rights and to meet their state delegation.

WON’T YOU JOIN US? WE NEED EVERYONE WHO SUPPORTS THE RIGHTS OF ADOPTEES TO ACCESS THEIR RECORDS OF BIRTH TO COME AND SHOW THAT SUPPORT. Adult adoptees, first families, adoptive families, friends and supporters… EVERYONE. To sign up for ARD 2010 Louisville, please visit the following site:
Geographical Scope: Local

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