Stop the FTAA Conference - New Haven

Starting Date: 10-31-2003
Ending Date: 11-02-2003

New Haven, Connecticut
United States
UPDATE: Register now for New Haven FTAA Consulta. See below for exact
schedule times. Website now includes ride board and directions.
Registration deadline of Tue, Oct 28 approaching soon, so register now. If you pre-register, you get free entry to the Saturday night music show, which features radical artists such as Dead Prez!

Autonomous Festival For Humanity and Against the FTAA Northeast FTAA Consulta

When: Oct 31 - Nov 2, 2003

Where: New Haven, CT

Why: Because we are everywhere. There is a new left on the rise, a left that seeks to change the world without taking power, a left that is almost invisible to the gaze of the corporate media and that has been pushed to the periphery of events such as the World Social Forum: the autonomous left. We seek to make the invisible visible. We are part of a network of solidarity around a caravan of representatives from autonomous social movements in Brazil and Argentina. We are here to build connections and solidarity between local and global movements for justice, and to learn from their examples. Come learn about the consequences of the neoliberal
agenda (the new colonialism), the positive alternatives that have emerged to challenge corporate globalization (the most inspiring popular movement since the Zapatistas), and network, train, plan, and strategize for the
Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) Ministerial in Miami (Nov 17 to 21).

We can shut it down!

How: Food and housing will be provided. All housing will be with students and community members, and all food will be vegan/vegetarian. We are requesting a sliding scale $5 to $10 donation to cover food costs. Please send registration form (at very end) to the listed email address

like ride board and directions are up on the website:

Fri, Oct 31
5 - 9 pm Registration, Dwight Hall Chapel, 67 High St
7 - 8 pm Dinner, Dwight Hall Chapel, 67 High St
9 midnight Radical films / Party at 189 Mansfield St

Sat, Nov 1
All day events at Dwight hall, 67 High St
All day screening of independent films: Mardi Gras: Made in China,
Kilometer Zero: WTO in Cancun, and Women and Prisons in Ecuador
All day tabling with publications such as Hemisphere Unbound by , We are Everywhere by , medic street guides, and UFPJ literature
9 - 10 am Breakfast / Registration, Dwight Hall Chapel, 67 High St
10 - 11:20 am Introduction to Globalization; Biotechnology and
Globalization; Theater of the Oppressed Workshop; Medic Training
11:30 12:50 pm Alternative Economics Panel; argentina autonomistaprojects que se vayan tod@s, a cardboard piece; Critical Resistance
Interactive Workshop; Organizing 101
1 2 pm Lunch / Gender Caucus
2 3:20 pm Autonomous Social Movements Caravan from Brazil and Argentina
3:30 - 4:50 pm Prison Industrial Complex Panel; Labor and Globalization;
World War III Illustrated Interactive Workshop; How to Build a Collective
5 -6:20 pm Indymedia Panel; The Radical Spoken Word; Planetary
Alternatives Network Discussion; Direct action training
6:30 - 7:30 pm Dinner / People of Color Caucus
8 pm - late Music featuring: Cipher (, http://; Ricanstruction (;
Darren Deicide Kramer (; Lenelle Moise
(; Hashim Allah of the Blackout Arts Collective(; LO; Totus Cru; Dead Prez (http://; and more

Sun, Nov 2
All events at Dwight Hall, 67 High St
9 -10 am Breakfast
10 - 11:20 am Affinity Group and Consensus Training; Training on "effective
megaphone communication strategies in the defence of free assembly";
Consulta Agenda Working Group
11:30 - 12:50 pm Consulta Agenda (open to change): Update on what to expect
in Miami; Update on previous consultas and virtual spokescouncils
1 - 2 pm Lunch / Informal Music with Brad Will and others
2 - 5 pm Consulta Agenda (open to change): Mass action framework; Support:
legal, food, medic; Regional transportation coordination; [Local Solidarity
Action Planning]

Participants include:
-Abe Walker, Labor Notes (
-Alessandro Campos, psychologist, in the struggle antimanicomial, and
with Acao Local por Justica Global (Local Action for Global Justice),
-Barbara Fair, People Against Injustice
-Brad Will, contributor to We are Everywhere
-Carlos Aramayo, Bolivian labor activist
-Dan Firger, Rainforest Action Network and Global Exchange Stop the FTAA
-David Graeber and Stevphen Shukaitis, Planetary Alternatives Network
-David Redmon, filmmaker
-Dyan Neary, filmmaker
-Doyle Canning, Institute for Social Ecology
-Graciela Monteagudo, argentina autonomista project (http://
-Hipa Dzutsi'wa Top'Tiro, of the Xavante, and co-founder of the self-
sufficient and autonomous village Udzo'Uhu (
-Immanuel Wallerstein, founder of World Systems Theory
-Jennifer Bair, Professor of globalization and gender studies
-John Farris, Poet with Bullet Space
-Jonathan Wilson, Critical Resistance
-Justin Ruben, activist and skills trainer
-Kaitlin Nichols, Genetic Engineering Action Network (http://,
-Mark Weisbrot, Center for Economic and Policy Research
-Matt McLaughlin, Hartford Independent Media Center
-Moose, How to Build a Collective workshop
-Neka Jara, Solano Unemployed Workers Movement, Argentina (http://
-Rafael Mutis and Kat Lo, Theater of the Oppressed
-Robert Krause, activist and skills trainer
-Sandro Mezzadra, editor of Italian autonomous magazine Derive Approdi
-Seth Tobocman, Artist of World War III Illustrated
-Vermin Love, Street Protest Trainer
-and more

Geographical Scope: Regional

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