Young Democratic Socialists Summer Conference 2011

Starting Date: 08-04-2011
Ending Date: 08-07-2011

Valley Brook Inn
Wurtsboro, New York 12790
United States
Because the future of our movement lies in recruiting a new generation, not only to our socialist vision but also to the project of building an organized socialist presence in the United States, youth conferences are among the most important events that we organize. The life-long bonds between comrades that are often forged at these conferences are critically important to building our organization. The summer conference involves much more than networking; it sets an Activist Agenda that focuses our youth and campus activity for the year.

We have seen activism by young people play a critical role in struggles all over world. Here in the U.S. young people are the targets for austerity programs that increase the costs of higher education and reduce the quality of education in public schools.

Young people have organized walk outs, speak outs and countless demonstrations against the budget cuts and they are standing with workers as Republican governors try to destroy unions and eliminate collective bargaining for public employees.

On August 4-7th the Young Democratic Socialists will hold its annual summer conference at the Valley Brook Inn. The conference will focus on organizing skills that students can use next year to continue to build the socialist movement. Students will also get to vote on the new leadership, campaigns, and the two year plan.

The conference is always a great time. This year we will be focusing on concrete organizing skills that you can take back to your chapter like canvassing, leadership development, and campaign planning. The conference also allows you to hang out with your comrades, swim, play basketball, and hang around the campfire.

The price of the conference will remain the same as last year. Registration will cover the conference and room and board. So click here and register for the conference.

Valley Brook Inn

201 Kingston Avenue
Wurtsboro, NY 12790
Geographical Scope: National

Young Democratic SocialistsNew York


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