Building Change A Convergence for Social Justice - Southwestern PA

Starting Date: 10-13-2011
Ending Date: 10-15-2011

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15205
United States
What is it all about?
The first-ever gathering of people and organizations from across Southwestern Pennsylvania – community members and leaders, human services providers and small business owners, union members, grantmakers, filmmakers, artists, entertainers, media representatives, people from all backgrounds and interests – who share a common goal of advancing social justice and change in our region and world. A three-day, open attendance conference on social justice and change for the 10-county Southwestern Pennsylvania region. Events include workshops, training sessions, plenary sessions, keynote addresses, panel discussions, the Building Change Film Festival, a Social Justice Arts Show, an Internship Fair, entertainment, Youth Leading Change event, and more.

Purposes of the Convergence:
Overarching Goal: To advance the social change and justice movement in the Southwestern Pennsylvania region.
Enabling Objectives
To provide a forum for identifying and discussing urgent social, economic, and environmental issues in the rural and urban communities comprising the 10-county Southwestern Pennsylvania region.
To convene hundreds of grassroots organizations, groups, and individuals in this region to engage in productive debate and dialogue on problems of inequity and injustice and to seek unified, strategic and non-duplicative solutions to these problems.
To develop a 5-year Regional Social Justice Action Plan that will be shaped by Convergence participants. A Continuations Committee will be drawn from participants to guide implementation of this first-ever plan to build the capacity of the social change movement in the region.
To foster greater collaboration and partnerships between and among grantmakers and progressive organizations throughout the region.
To draw media attention to issues of social justice in the region.

Anticipated Attendance:

1,500-1,700 people
Geographical Scope: State

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