Allied Media Conference 2012

Starting Date: 06-28-2012
Ending Date: 07-01-2012

Detroit, Michigan 48205
United States
As AMC networks grow and deepen, we are designing new structures of conference content to hold and nurture those networks. In addition to Tracks, AMC2012 will feature Network Gatherings and Practice Spaces . We encourage you to carefully assess what structure best meets the needs of your network and only propose one type of content. There's always next year to do the other thing! Some groups may not want to hold down an entire content area, but still want to mobilize a crew to attend the AMC together. In that case, you should consider organizing a Delegation. Read more about Tracks, Network Gatherings, Practice Spaces and Delegations below.

The deadline to propose a Track, Network Gathering or Practice Space is November 14th. Propose your idea now! (Delegations don't have to be proposed).

Please note: This is not a call for session proposals. The AMC2012 Call for Session Proposals will go out in February 2012.

A track is a series of 5 - 10 AMC sessions focused on a specific area of media-based organizing. Media-based organizing is any collaborative process that uses media, art or technology to bring about a more just and creative world. Tracks should be facilitated by two or more organizations or individuals who want to convene a network of people doing awesome work in a particular area of media-based organizing. The content of a track should be mostly hands-on skill-sharing, but may also include panel discussions, caucuses and strategy sessions. Tracks are an ideal format for newly-forming networks OR established networks that want to deepen collaborative relationships and and share media-based organizing skills.


A Network Gathering is a day-long mini-conference on the Thursday before the AMC. It is a space for established networks to have in-depth strategy conversations (the kinds of conversations that we often try to cram into 90-minute lunch breaks, and then realize we need a full day!). Network Gatherings might also involve skill-sharing, but it is primarily a strategic planning and organizing space to support the year-round collaboration of groups within a network. A Network Gathering is also a way for a network to prepare itself to get the most out of the AMC. Network Gatherings should be financially sponsored by at least one organization, to help offset the costs of starting the AMC a day early. Network Gatherings are the ideal structure for networks that have been convening through the AMC for several years and want to build strategy and infrastructure for ongoing trans-local organizing .

A Practice Space is an experiment in creating the world we want to see. It is a space for a network to implement a practice that makes the conference more accessible, transformative and wonderful for everyone. It is also a space for a national network to make meaningful connections with Detroit organizers, learning from and adding to local practice spaces. Practice Spaces are the ideal structure for networks that are held together by a shared practice (such as healing, food justice, community radio, etc.).

A delegation is a crew with a shared identity that combines forces to get themselves to the AMC and is strategic about their experience of the AMC. A delegation can be a way for a region to lower collective travel costs and make a plan for what skills they want to bring back to their local communities. A delegation can also be a way for people with a shared identity to find each other before and during the conference. This might happen through collective fundraising appeals, meet-ups, matching t-shirts, flags, karaoke performances and any other forms of identification that allow a crew to proclaim their presence. You do not need to propose a delegation, just organize it! Delegations will be elligible for a limited number of mini-grants to support grassroots fundraising efforts.
Can I propose a combination of track, network gathering, and practice space?

Yes, but it's unlikely that we will accept more than one proposal from the same group. If you feel strongly that your group needs to do more than one thing, be sure to give a detailed explaination of your capacity in the proposal form.
If I propose a track, and it is accepted, do I still need to submit individual session proposals in February?

Yes. Every single AMC session must go through the session proposal process in the Spring so that it can be reviewed by AMP staff and advisors.
What is the timeline for organizing a Track, Network Gathering or Practice Space?

November 2011 - Proposals are due

December 2011 - Accepted proposals are announced; fundraising begins

January 2012 - Coordinators meeting in Detroit 1/13 - 1/15

February 2012 - Call for AMC2012 Session Proposals goes out

March 2012 - Accepted AMC2012 Sessions are announced

April 2012 - AMC2012 Session Outlines are finalized

May 2012 - AMC2012 Session Logistics are finalized

June 2012 - AMC2012 6/28 - 7/1 !
Approximately how much time will it take to coordinate a Track, Network Gathering or Practice Space?

Each Track, Network Gathering and Practice Space should have three coordinators who can commit an average of 7 hours per week between December 2011 and June 2012 (this is variable and may be more like 2 hours per week earlier in the year and closer to 15 or 20 in the final weeks leading up to the AMC). In addition to its three coordinators, a Track, Network Gathering or Practice Space should have 3 - 5 "supporters" who help out with specific tasks as needed.
What support will I receive from AMP?

AMP staff will advise on the development of vision and content of Tracks, Network Gatherings, and Practice Spaces and facilitate connections between coordinators, potential participants and funders.

Coordinators are invited to a meeting in Detroit, January 13 - 15, 2012 (bundle up—it will be cold). At the retreat we will share and develop skills to be used in the AMC organizing process: facilitative leadership, popular education, grassroots fundraising, online communications infrastructure, and accessibility.

All Tracks, Network Gatherings, Practice Spaces, and Delegations will be eligible for a limited number of mini-grants to support grassroots fundraising to get their networks to the AMC. All will have access to AMP’s online communication tools for track organizing throughout the year.
Can I bounce my ideas off somebody at AMP before submitting my proposal?
Yes! Email
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