Occupy National Gathering

Starting Date: 07-04-2012

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104
United States
For the past couple of months Occupiers from all over the country have gathered via InterOccupy conference call to conceive of, and implement a strategy for, a national convergence of the Movement. Through much deliberation over location, date, and purpose, the group has submitted the “Occupy National Gathering Proposal” to every Assembly in the country.

Download the Occupy National Gathering Proposal.

Download the Occupy National Gathering Visioning Process.

So far ten Assemblies have ratified the proposal:

Occupy Delaware

Occupy Lancaster, PA

Occupy Sacramento

Occupy Las Vegas

Occupy Philly

Occupy Wall Street


Occupy Austin

Occupy Fort Collins, CO

Occupy Kalamazoo, MI

The planning calls happen weekly via the InterOccupy system on Tuesdays at 9PM EST. To join the call please register.

We would love your Assembly to consider ratifying the proposal and invite you, the active Occupier, to be involved in the planning and coordination of this historic undertaking. For more information visit occupynationalgathering.com.

For media or specific inquiries email


DISCLAIMER- This is not the 99% Declaration. See NGWG Press Release: http://www.occupynationalgathering.com/?page_id=100
Geographical Scope: National

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