Occupy Wall Street #s17

Starting Date: 09-15-2012
Ending Date: 09-17-2012

NY, New York 10003
United States
Occupy Wall Street invites you, the 99%, down to
the Financial District for three days of education, celebration and
resistance. The 1% is controlling our fates; we are drowning in loans,
student debt, fraudulent mortgages. You are not a loan. Democracy is
sold to the highest bidder, destroying our political process, our
communities and our environment. Join a mass mobilization of the 99%.
Stand and be counted. Let’s occupy our future, together. They can
steal your job, your home, your freedom, your vote. They can’t steal
our ability to dream together. Nothing is impossible once you refuse
to live in fear. We are the 99% Bring your friends.
Geographical Scope: National

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