National Students for Justice in Palestine Conference 2012

Starting Date: 11-02-2012
Ending Date: 11-04-2012

University Of Michigan
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103
United States
The National Students for Justice in Palestine Steering Committee calls on all current student activists to join us at the University of Michigan for the 2nd National Students for Justice in Palestine Conference, from November 2nd to November 4th, 2012.

As we continue organizing for justice in Palestine on our respective campuses and in our local communities, our growth, numerous victories, and collective struggle requires that we begin building bridges and breaking barriers between our campuses. As students on forefront of social change, it has become imperative that we connect our struggle with all those who seek justice and freedom from oppression. United, we can turn our organizing efforts at the local level into a united, nationwide campaign to better achieve liberation and justice for Palestine.


This conference is specifically geared toward:
Current student Palestine solidarity activists,
Students looking to establish a campus Palestine solidarity student group,
Alumni actively involved in their SJP group and endorsed by current members.

It is strongly suggested that at least one participant from each school be of junior, sophomore, or freshman class standing, in other words a non-graduating student. It may become necessary, based on capacity and interest, to limit the number of representatives from each student group, but at this stage groups should try to send at least two delegates.


This year, we plan to accomplish the following goals:
Continue to build a National SJP structure that is a powerful and united support and organizing network for local chapters.
Further local SJP campaigns, particularly Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions efforts.
Link local SJPs with other national and international organizations, so that they have better access to outreach, speakers, and funding.
Provide training on topics ranging from starting a campus education or BDS campaign to addressing criticism from Zionist and pro-normalization organizations, to conducting outreach and fundraising.
Unite local SJPs with struggles for justice in the United States and internationally.


It is critical that as many students as possible participate in shaping the conference and making it a success. We call on students from groups across the country to volunteer for the organizational committees that will put this conference together. To join a committee, please email the address provided with your name, school, phone number, SJP group name, and the contact details of a leader of your SJP chapter (so that each organizer can be identified for security purposes).

Coordinating –
Programming –
Press and public relations –
Fundraising and finance –
Logistics -
Marketing/outreach -


NSJP will make every effort to support travel for students. Our budget for travel subsidies depends on fundraising, and we hope that supporters publicize and donate to the conference, and that local SJP chapters attempt to raise funds themselves. Our goal is to have a conference attended by SJP members across the nation, and we are committed to not letting financial burdens discourage attendance.

Please assist us in covering the expenses of this conference by donating through our fundraising page.

This is an exciting time for SJP chapters across the country, and this upcoming conference promises to be a launching pad for amazing student organizing in the year to come. But we cannot do it without you. Please join us in working to build a stronger national student solidarity movement.
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