United National Anti-War Coalition National Conference 2014

Starting Date: 07-26-2014
Ending Date: 07-27-2014

SUNY Purchase
Purchase, New York 10577
United States
The United National Antiwar Coalition formed at a conference attended by 800 activists from peace, environmental, and social justice groups from around the country held in Albany July 23-25, 2010, the largest conference held since the initiation of the so-called War on Terror. An Action Program was adopted which included a review of the present period, an ambitious program of actions, including national bicoastal mobilizations in NY and SF on April 9-10, campaigns to deal with the burning issues we face, and the demands we make on a government and system that puts profits above human needs.

UNACpeace.org is a growing national coalition of organizations founded on: 1) unity in the movement, 2) independence from political parties, 3)demo-cratic-decision-making, 4) U.S. Out Now from Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan (and now Libya), and 5) a commitment to mass action as the major strategy for building a powerful and inclusive movement, while endorsing other kinds of actions as well to build a movement capable of bringing about fundamental change.

Since July, UNACpeace.org has implemented the action program passed in Albany and responded to the huge events of recent months: the popular uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, and other North African countries; the fight backs to union-busting and cuts to social services in Wisconsin and elsewhere; rising Islamophobia and racist attacks on Muslims such as the Peter King hearings and pre-emptive prosecutions; activists targeted by the FBI; threats to Gaza, Iran and No. Korea; the dangers of nuclear power; and the new war on Libya.
Geographical Scope: National

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