International Summit of Cooperatives - Quebec 2014

Starting Date: 10-06-2014
Ending Date: 10-09-2014

Quebec City, Quebec
6 good reasons to attend:
1. Take advantage of a unique program based on the economic and financial challenges that cooperatives and mutuals face, in order to improve your enterprise's management.
Take part in an innovation-oriented program for greater productivity, sound capitalization, adequate financing and an efficient financing structure capable of ensuring cooperative development. This full program will tackle major global topics and new international development issues.
2. Take part in the discussions.
Sit in on roundtables to discuss organizational best practices, governance, member satisfaction and new needs, the culture of performance, value sharing, corporate responsibility, talent attraction and retention and other topics.
3. Hone your knowledge.
Learn about the findings of exclusive, multi-sector international studies related to the cooperative and mutualist movement. These studies are at the core of the Summit's program and represent an invaluable source of information.
4. Expand your network.
Discuss with cooperative and mutual leaders from over 100 countries.
Participate in networking and intercooperation activities and do business.
5. Meet world-renowned experts in the cooperative and mutualist movement.
Meet experts from all over the world who will talk about their achievements and their views on the future of the cooperative and mutualist model.
6. Help strengthen and promote the cooperative model.

Be a part of achieving goals set out by and for the cooperative movement:
Ensure cooperatives' full developmental potential in a struggling economy.
Ensure cooperatives' growth by staying close to members, becoming more agile when meeting the current and future needs of people, and by doing more to combine cooperative growth and community development.
Demonstrate the potential of cooperatives to play a key role on the international stage by providing better visibility of their achievements in meeting global economic needs and preparing future leaders by promoting awareness of the cooperative model.

There you have them, all the reasons why you should attend the 2014 International Summit of Cooperatives.
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