People's Music Network NYC 2014

Starting Date: 01-24-2014
Ending Date: 01-26-2014

New York, New York 10003
United States
The People’s Music Network will hold its Winter Gathering in New York City on the weekend of January 24-26, 2014. A Friday night get-together/potluck/sing-along will take place at St. John’s Lutheran Church, 83 Christopher St., Greenwich Village, Manhattan. Saturday and Sunday events will be at the Renaissance Charter School (an unaffiliated, unionized, not-for-profit school), 35-59 81st St., Jackson Heights, Queens. The theme for the weekend will be “Unity through Diversity”. For information, contact Diane Crowe, at - 413-548-9394.

Peoples Music Network (PMN) uses music and culture to bring about social change. It is a network of musicians, performers, song-writers, DJs, sound and recording engineers, music lovers, activist cultural workers, record and concert producers, promoters and archivists, whose artistry is rooted in political and social activism. PMN is a welcoming place for new musicians and songwriters as well as seasoned veterans. It is a culturally diverse group of people committed to building community, promoting social justice, ending oppression and having fun in the process. PMN has been holding gatherings in different cities each winter since 1977.

The Winter Gathering will begin on Friday night, January 24. Registration opens at 6:00 pm followed by a potluck at 6:30 pm and music starting at 7:30 pm. A sing-along will be led by PMN’s 2014 Artists-in-Residence, Terry Leonino and Greg Artzner, aka Magpie, as well as other members of PMN. Bring your favorite songs that reflect our commitment to social, ecological and economic justice.

Breakout Sessions include workshops on Saturday and Sunday on songwriting, musicianship, marketing one’s music, diverse musical genres, local activism and singing. Also included are song swaps of funny songs and rounds, as well as songs about labor, gender, war and peace, racial and economic justice, and environmental issues. On Saturday there will also be a plenary offered by Magpie. Sunday morning will begin with Songs of the Spirit in which the entire gathering participates and continue with another workshop session and a Children’s Concert, open to the public.

New this year are the three mini-concerts that will take place on Saturday. Each mini-concert will have three acts, featuring members of the New York music scene, from the Occupy movement to the hip-hop/jazz of Spiritchild Mental Notes.
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