Workers Unite Film Festival 2014

Starting Date: 05-09-2014
Ending Date: 05-17-2014

New York, New York 10003
United States
Our Festival is scheduled between the 100th anniversary of the success of the "Bread and Roses" strike in Lawrence, MA. the 101st anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, a rallying point for organizing American workers and May Day, the international workers day of unity and celebration. This year we again honor the Joseph Murphy Institute for Workers Education and Labor Studies, based at The City University of NY.

We seek to join forces with our working brothers and sisters from around the world, both organized in existing unions and currently fighting to organize for their workplace rights, to broadcast our stories of struggle and victory to the mainstream media that often pretend that we - the vast majority of the world's population - count for far less than the celebrities and corporate titans normally showcased in the mainstream media.
Geographical Scope: Metro


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