Political Ecology Conference 2016

Starting Date: 02-26-2016
Ending Date: 02-27-2016

Lexington, Kentucky 40502
United States
PEWG is an interdisciplinary group of scholars at the University of Kentucky that are united by their interests in the theory and practice of Political Ecology. The group provides a stimulating intellectual atmosphere for critical thinking on nature, the environment, societies, economies, and cultures. PEWG serves the academic community at UK by proving a forum for peer review, holding public lectures and brown bag events that feature researchers from the university and around the world, and hosting a political ecology conference that allows faculty and graduate students an opportunity to present and discuss their current research.

The Dimensions of Political Ecology Conference (DOPE) has been organized by an interdisciplinary group of graduate student volunteers at the University of Kentucky since 2010.
Geographical Scope: National

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