YDS Generation Left Conference

Starting Date: 02-13-2016
Ending Date: 02-14-2016

Mayday Community Space
New York, New York 11237
United States
Join us for our annual national gathering of young socialist activists this President’s Day Weekend, February 12-14, 2016, in New York. The conference, “Generation Left: Millennials Building the Next Socialist Movement,” will be held at the Mayday Community Space, 214 Starr Street, Brooklyn, NY 11237.

This year’s event comes at an unprecedented time for socialism in the United States. Polls show the growing popularity of democratic socialism and the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign among people under 35. This conference will provide a crucial opportunity to discuss how we can continue to build an organized socialist voice to meet this rising tide of potentially game-changing support.

Equally important, this student gathering will offer a critical opportunity for socialist student activists to talk about the growing national anti-racist campus movement. Students are mobilizing direct actions at levels not seen at universities for decades. Socialists need to coordinate their strategy to play a productive and proactive role in our own schools and in solidarity efforts for racial justice. “Generation Left” will provide such a planning space on a national level.

Be part of that conversation. Be part of Generation Left.
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Young Democratic SocialistsNew York

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