Phoenix Anti-Capitalist Conference 2016

Starting Date: 02-13-2016

Phoenix, Arizona 85001
United States
We are happy to announce that the third annual Phoenix Anti-Capitalist Conference is in the planning stages, and already a lot of exciting things are coming together around it! The Phoenix Anti-Capitalist Conference is a yearly gathering of anarchists and radicals to network, discuss ideas, and learn about local projects. The conference features a variety of presentations and discussions, with a strong emphasis on anarchist praxis. The third annual PACC is scheduled for February 13, 2016, and will take place at The Night Gallery in Phoenix, AZ.

At this time, we are accepting submissions for topic ideas, speakers, and groups to include in this year's conference. Additionally, if you are interested in tabling for a project, please fill out the submission form below. Time slots are limited and have already begun to fill up, so please do this prior to December 15th. If you are local to the Phoenix area and would like to help organize the conference, or events around it, please fill out the appropriate submission form below.
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